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HRG Rennies Travel South Africa is a world-class travel brand. The company network extends to over 120 countries worldwide through a global alliance with the Hogg Robinson Group. HRG Rennies Travel is a continuously evolving entity and this is evident in the positive changes that take place on an ongoing basis, always seeking to ensure alignment with client objectives so that partnerships are sustainable. A core strategy at HRG Rennies Travel is to understand the challenges that face clients − it is through a consultative process that solutions are created and opportunities are maximized. Bronwyn Philipps, the company Managing Director believes it is this flexibility and continued focus on innovation that ensures delivery of long-term benefits to all the company’s stakeholders for many years to come. HRG Rennies Travel provides professional travel management services to a wide range of prestigious national and international companies. The company offers service solutions that address multiple business needs at many levels – that is done through a combination of industry leading technology, exceptional supplier relationships and by investing significant effort and resources in the development of its people, who make it possible. HRG Rennies Travel consistently retains existing clients through the re-tender process and this bears testimony to their ability to provide a competitive commercial offering and service excellence, delivered through workable and reliable travel solutions to the market.